Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RSS feeds for an easy overview

Social media of the foreigners in Korat have split from its one forum "koratfarang.com" for various reasons: some got banned with the advice to run their own forum, others felt like they should run their own forum by themselves. Attempts of cooperation between this multitude of forums by connecting to each other failed. Some expressively placed links to the others on their site to help the reader on his daily way around Korat's expat information services and social media, while others declared "No links to that forum on here!"

With the interest of the reader in mind one participant found another way to give this overview by opening a website with the RSS feeds of all the forums. But that obviously didn't suit those who don't see their forum as part of a whole, but singular. the two with the least visitors turned off the RSS feeds, maybe thinking that way they could make people visit their sites directly to find out about new posts. Or was there another reason behind it? It's hard to take a look into their heads. In any case the people who lost are not only those in the Korat expat community, who are interested in the overview, most did those two admins themselves loose. Because people who did follow their forums by subscribing to the RSS feeds via an email client don't get updates anymore either. C'est la vie!

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