Thursday, July 19, 2012

The farang forum farce was the first local forum in Nakhonratchasima. It lasted five years before its admin realized that running a forum isn't a piece of cake.

Funnily or better sadly another guy thought he could cash in on the name and registered the domain with a hyphen. He opened an identical forum. And when there were no real members he just made some up. OK, I'm told that is a fairly legitimate way of starting a forum: have a few fictitious members post first and attract attention.

Problem in that case turned out, that the real people who signed up were soon all banned; the admin filled their positions with more and more fictitious members. Well, on the vast internet this might not turn out a problem; other real members could come. But with a local forum, the thing is a little different: There might not be any new people to sign up anymore after a while of banning. And then the farce with the fictitious members might turn more than just ridiculous.

Will be continued...

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