Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Changing Farang Web of Korat

Internet is still something fairly new to those having settled in Korat for retirement. A few invest energy and work into setting up websites for hobby or even in the hope of making business of. But unfortunately age doesn't go well with new technologies and new forms of communication etc. Most of those ventures soon get to the point of running out of ideas and energy to keep going. Then those promising beginnings vanish from the web again like they had never existed.

Once in a while another venture with new ideas gets started. But since conquering the web is a longtime task, the question will be for how long that site is going to exist, before it vanishes like all the other information sites and blogs.  How can we make the web in Korat not forget, but keep the information for later "generations" of expats settling down here for their retirement? How can this information collected by various people in their personal blogs be kept? By collecting it in forums seems to me the most promising way.

Forums can be updated any time by new members, and old articles can be as interesting to read as new articles. It's just a question of keeping them clear of too much garbage posts. The problems new members face are integrating into a system already existent, broadening and perpetuating it. Old wisdom and young curiosity have to be combined. We can only hope that instead of opening a new website that might not last for very long like most of those before, the younger and still energetic newcomers do attempt first to perpetuate an already existent forum with their ideas, drive and new information, hope that the information collected and put in words by them does not get lost again to this idea of starting something new instead of building up on and perpetuating  what is already there.

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