Monday, February 3, 2014

What'll become of the Korat sites with those lots of new gTLDs ahead?

ICANN is putting a huge number of new generic and special top level domains on the web this and next year. Almost any word that has found some significance on the web in the past two decades will be used as a domain ending, like .link, .blog, .forum, .mail, .news etc. In my opinion this will change the internet drastically.  Websites with long domain names will lose their significance, subdomains almost become irrelevant,

 And the .com domain, that  used to be the master and top demanded for ages now will lose its importance slowly. More focus will be on the signifying word after the dot. Domain speculation that had lost its profitability over the years will pop up again - until the next round of new domains where you'll be able to get a TLD for even the remotest village, not just those like .amsterdam, .barcelona, .berlin, .london, .madrid, .moscow, .miami, .nyc, .paris, .sydney, .wien, .roma, .tokyo etc. A .korat to my knowledge hasn't been planned yet, neither is a .bangkok in sight, but it is probably just a question of time.

What will become of the numerous .coms then with korat-this and korat-that before the dot?

Honestly, I can't tell right now. Highly developed sites will probably not lose any or much of their status, they just might get a load of fresh competitors. But as Google favors those with the longer known domain and content, they might still be as important as before. That is, if they had gained some importance already.

The sun will rise for .date on April 1, 2014, and others like .wed for individuals with the necessity of their own domain for the wedding photos etc. will be available even before that. With the .memorial domain I suppose one can set himself a gravestone in the virtual cemetery. And I can also imagine, .party or .love will be for.

Presently in the Sunrise Phase is .buzz. Now I wonder who'll grab ""?

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